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Residents were stockpiling rubbish under floorboards, in hidden corners of the backyard or digging holes specifically for it.Cesspits (old-fashioned long drop toilets) were closed across the city in the early 1870s, leaving large empty holes in the ground.One that had a new system for determining status based largely on what they bought.As a globalised world grapples with the problem of fast fashion, fast consumerism and a throw away culture, with massive landfills and climate change, the question of why we consume is more important than ever. But old habits die hard and it’s important to understand why we consume before we are able to make significant changes to our wasteful habits.Residents took the opportunity to fill them with their surplus rubbish.Many of these rubbish dumps remain under current city buildings and have been found and recorded in cultural heritage management excavations. At Viewbank homestead, on the outskirts of Melbourne, the tip was so big that archaeologists ran out of time to excavate it.

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Melbourne society was reinvented and a new, much larger and more diverse middle class emerged.Send a resume to [email protected] are also looking for a journeyman excavator, loader, and rock truck operator for the mine this summer.Sadly, the extent of my mechanical skills is being able to keep a 1979 Volkswagen van running, so I don’t think I’ll be packing my bags for a summer trip to the Last Frontier.Bloom in the Park is Irelands leading horticulture and food festival which takes place each year over the June Bank Holiday.Bloom, which is organised by Bord Bia, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2016 and aims to promote the high standards found within the Irish food and horticultural sectors to both a national and international audience.

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    This section refers to people whose beliefs are, well, apparently corny.