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This has to be marked clearly with for example three dots in square brackets […] or regular parenthesis (…). (ellipsis), whereas parenthesis is used for longer exclusions.If you want to add or replace something in a quotation, you mark this by using square brackets.In general, you should only cite works that you have read.In a few cases, however, it may be necessary to refer to another scholar’s discussion of a text: Start collecting your references as soon as possible and find a good system for filing them.Remember that direct quotations must either be enclosed within quotation marks or indented (depending on their length).EXAMPLE: “The single life that exists in late modern society may be perceived as forming part of such a democratic culture.Academic publications have formal rules for citation and referencing that vary between different fields, journals, etc.There are for example standard abbreviations that are commonly used in citations.

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You don’t need to give references to absolutely everything. Find out what reference style is generally used in your field and use it consistently throughout your thesis.This mysterious and intriguing breed piqued my interest.I wanted to know more about how they communicate, so, I decided to go directly to the source. So you like stop texting.” Once I was able to cipher through all of the “likes”, I understood, and, in some ways, was able to apply this method of romance to how we did it in my day.It may also be a good idea to save keywords and search histories for previous searches and in the same document.Your list of references (or bibliography) is placed after the main text of your thesis.

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