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Haute couture fashion houses have to have at least 15 employees working in the studio, they have to present two collections every year, each including 35 attires both before the media and the customers, and more that 45 per cent of the designs have to be hand embroidered.Zareena has met most of the criteria and we are sure she shall be able to make a name for herself.' No, Sheikha Hind has never held any official posts as she was married off at a fairly young age and never pursued further/higher studies from what I know.One servant went to the police after escaping from the luxury suite in the Conrad Hotel in Brussels where the princesses were staying in 2008.

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Yes thats true sheikha Hind's Mum and Dad are cosuins Plus sheikh Maktoum bn Jumma his mum is ( Madyah Bint Mijren ) her sister is ( Shamsa Bint Mijren ) . Hamdan ALNahyan who is sheikh Zayed's Uncle she got a Girl who married Sh. WAM LOCAL DESIGNER TAKES FASHION WORLD BY STORM BY MUBASHRA SIDDIQUI 26 April 2005 For the first time ever, famous Emirati fashion designer Zareena Yousif, known primarily for her exceptional jalabiyas, will present a collection of Western eveningwear.

According to the German broadcaster, the royal's family lawyers claimed the police violated the princesses’ rights by searching their hotel room and a nine-year legal battle followed.

Speaking to Deutsche Welle, Patricia Le Cocq, spokeswoman for Belgian human rights organisation Myria, said: "The servants were not paid, they worked day and night and had to sleep on the floor.

Through the quality of my fabrics, the handmade embroideries, the paintings, and the elegant styling, I have always tried to reach creating a piece of art.'Zareena, who says she owes all her success to the encouragement and support she receives from her husband, has high expectations of this fashion event and is confident that she will be able to make it in the international fashion scene as an haute couture brand.

She stated, 'I am expecting a lot, I have worked so hard and I am positive that we shall be able to make it.'A representative from Maven Corporate, the international fashion promotion and brand development organisation that manages Zareena's collections, said, 'Zareena's designs have this unique quiet elegance about them, and we are sure her designs will do fabulously abroad.

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