Parsi girls dating

Anita, the 35-year-old businessman searching for a spouse, has dated women of other faiths, but called the relationships “clandestine.” His family badly wants him to marry a Parsi.He hopes to as well, but not out of religious or cultural devotion—it’s just easier.

“Our community, if it means to survive, can’t expect to remain ‘pure’ in the way they call it,” she said.

In other words, accepting children of interfaith marriages might not be the key to community survival.

But it could sustain Zoroastrianism through women like Narang and ease tensions in many Parsi families.

“We want the sense of Parsi identity to be forceful enough to make you want to marry a Parsi, but kids grow up and they’re independent...

You can’t really blame the person for what they choose.

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