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You are a cash cow a paypig, a human ATM, get ready for true financial slavery online.

Our findomme is waiting now to demand you open your wallet and max your credit cards for her… We are waiting to drain you, ruin you and ensure you pay up every time piggy boy.

We love erotic humiliation as well as verbal and domination We enjoy every aspect of humiliating sissies online and we do it very well.

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to be stamped as someone’s property that they can do as they please with you? What if she then went on to tell you she had information she could use against you and if you do not do as she says then she will go ahead and make that call and-and release all that information?

Using slaves and making them do what we demand is what we look for!

Anal training, anal abuse, ass stretching, spitting on your face and slapping is just a few of the things we enjoy doing but do read on.

Yes, we love abusing sissies and we always ensure they obey the rules that are set out for them.

Having sissy rules is something we have to teach naughty slutty girls and when we do they know their place by the end of such training.

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