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This uses a pair of EL-34s (and an EF-86 pre-amp) to give some really great Aussie-flavoured British tone.We've just spent a heap on this beauty, and you have to hear it to believe it!This amp uses a 12AU7, a 12AX7, a 7199 splitter, and two KT88/6550 output valves - went to Dean 1960s Vedette (ZJM) amp - a very rare and awesome-sounding 40-watt vintage Australian amp head made in Sydney in the 1960s (probably pre-'65).Fender® blackface circuitry with British-style EL-34 output and great transformers make this a point-to-point wired vintage tone BARGAIN!- went to Chris 1960s Rex Mascot - these very cool Australian (Melbourne-made) amps put out only about 3 or 4 single-ended watts from the single 6BQ5 output valve, but have become an icon for recording studios.Very original, very collectable, very usable - went to Tony Very interesting 1960s single-ended Class-A 'baby' amp made by Goldentone but badged Electravox!Very cool, very usable - went to Peter 1960s Rex BA50 50 watt 2x12 speaker cab - a mint, virtually New Old Stock, vintage 2x12 speaker cab for your 40 or 50 watt vintage valve head.

This is a rough-looking but very healthy and toneful bass amp, with the head just back from a service - went to Chris 1960s Vadis 409 with trem and reverb - I have always been a huge fan of Vadis amps, despite their rather plain-Jane looks, and gig them regularly.

Want to put your guitar, vocal, accordion and bass through the one amp and speaker box?

That's the sort of use this super-rare Fisonic would have been made for back in the early 1960s in Marrickville, Sydney.

- went to Victor 1960s Strauss Polka - a very conservative estimation of 120 watts from the 4x7027A output valves - 21 kilos of pure vintage Aussie amp muscle that will make a Marshall look like a wimp! - went to Martin 1960s Electravox 408R - a badge-engineered version of the Vadis 408R, which confirms my suspicion of a strong link between the two iconic '60s Sydney brands. A superb amp - went to Daniel 1960s Rex Mascot - I've had two of these through here before, and they both sold instantly.

Very highly sought for recording (and home recording) are these single-ended true Class-A few watts of vintage Aussie tone!

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