Intimidating conversation

You need to get more validation from yourself by being more aware of your qualities and strengths, striving for a life you love, and becoming comfortable with rejection.

Then you won’t be so needy around others in general.

Obviously, most of the issue here is just in your head.

What others say or think about you is a very poor measure of your true worth.

One of the most confusing handicaps of my shyness and social anxiety was being able to talk easily with some people, but freezing up around others.

And usually, the people I fell silent around were the ones I MOST wanted to talk to.

THAT’s why you feel anxiety around them; you’re putting your sense of worth in their hands.

In turn, it’s this anxiety that’s causing you to be awkward and feel you have nothing to say.

'So what' is one of the greatest things you can ask yourself in this world. Nothing made the need for this article more clear than when someone recently told me that before they met me, they thought I was intimidating. Super friendly, short, always smiling, girl from a small town, me?

Or that rejection and embarrassment from them means you’re a total failure.

In other words, acceptance or failure with these particular people would change the way you see yourself to a large degree.

The opportunities are abundant when you stop allowing fear to get the better of you.

You might make a new friend, a new career connection or get a date!

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