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A.,” a two-part exhibition, part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, on view through the end of the month.

Part of the works can be seen at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Pacific Design Center outpost; the rest are at ONE Gallery, the West Hollywood exhibition space of the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives. But an extensive archive of his negatives survive — and images from that archive are now on display as part of “Axis Mundo.” This includes a series of black-and-white photographs that capture his creative and social milieu: matter-of-fact images featuring androgynous young bohemians, a mustachioed man posing with eyeliner and turban, a playful young woman covered in feathers.“It’s a peek into broad queer circles, but in a different form from the better-known photographers of the era,” says exhibition co-curator C.

One of the many fine cuts from Phil Spector's Christmas album.

Was shocked to find it was only Darlene Love on vocals.

Some years ago I read Marion's silly, shallow autobiography (forgot the title) and didn't find her to be especially intelligent or interesting herself, although she had some fun anecdotes about the famous people she knew. Apparently WR plucked her out of Zeigfield's Follies when she was like 17, and bought her jewels and furs and eventually a tepid movie career (for all his money and newspaper marketing, he couldn't make her happen as big as many other stars at the time). Macario “Tosh” Carrillo is not a name you often hear associated with Chicano art.

An actor, props designer and photographer, he appeared in New York avant-garde theater during the mid-1960s and starred in several Andy Warhol experimental movies, including “Camp,” “Vinyl” and “Horse.” In the latter, a homoerotic play on old westerns that brought a live stallion into Warhol’s East 47th Street studio, Carrillo appeared as a character named “Mex.”Throughout his career, Carrillo was identified as Puerto Rican.

Someone asked Armie to give his opinion on Roman Polanski, and he actually fell for it! Would someone, please, pass him the answers because otherwise the poor guy will have to re-do it 100 times. Weather its Roll playing, Body Worshiping, Pleasing each other etc or just being your Arm Charm i am your guy. From the overbearing mother who was your companion to the first love of a man who brought you to life, I saw many paralells in my life as in the movie.

What kind of personality does this, and what kind of personalities are taken in by this? Mine is from a Folgers ad that seems to be running 200 times a day on cable channels.I think this place can be hot sometimes (especially at lunchtime).They have a downstairs area that you can do whatever you want and I have been there and had fun with some super hot dudes. He's 41, hetero, divorced, father of two, assistant manager at a car dealership in a suburb of a midsize city.Mine was the seeing Johnny Whitaker in a Pussycat porn shop in the West San Fernando Valley in the 1980's.He was "around " the s str8 and gay vhs tape racks so I wasn't sure which ones he was looking at.

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