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The charges all have their genesis in Operation Bambi and are predicated on alleged poaching of deer in the area of West Wicklow.

The defendant pleaded guilty in court to the offences which were detected in 2014 under Operation Bambi.

It is also alleged the AGHE as part of their approach suggest that once the individual has completed their Trained Person/Hunter requirements for the sale of game to AGHE’s, they can sign off on the carcasses they purchase as having met the necessary inspection requirements.

Again this is incorrect and an offence as the requirements state “person (trained person/hunter) was present when the animal was shot”.

Further operations are planned over the coming weeks.

Ends We welcome this initiative and would urge landowners, hunters and members of the public to be vigilant over the coming days and weeks when this criminal activity will peak.

Any individual who partakes or supports such an arrangement is committing a crime as the sale and purchase of wildlife is strictly licensed.

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The operation is an extension of the highly successful “Operation Bambi” which has been extended and progressed for 2014 - 2015 with particular emphasis being placed upon the unlawful and illegal killing of wild deer.

The Minister has invited interested parties to make submissions on this Working Group Report.

This process gives individuals and groups an opportunity to contribute to the development of firearms policy and legislation and will enable the Minister to consider the future direction of such legislation.

We have received a number of complaints alleging members have been approached to act as buying agents for an Approved Game Handling Establishment (AGHE).

The approach involves the AGHE suggesting to the hunter that they buy deer carcasses from local hunters and friends on their behalf at a low price and the AGHE in turn remunerates the hunter at a higher price for the same deer carcasses.

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