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Following the building of the fort, the Kwakiutl population was decimated. By 1906 the total population was reduced to 104 people.

Fort Rupert was a hub for steamships serving HBC posts and other trade centres.

The display of such unique and striking objects in European museums and books communicates not only their aesthetic qualities and ethnological signficance but also the power and authority of colonial elites over the indigenous peoples.

Raven mask collected at mdzidi died tragically at sea with other Nahwitti warriors when their canoe was attacked by a killer whale they had wounded.

Chief Humchitt is a fisherman and logger who follows traditional practices when possible, but on occasion wistfully remarks that he was born a hundred years too late.

In about 1880, a group of Kwakiutl (left) posed for a photograph with three visiting officers (standing in uniform) from the Royal Navy gunship HMS .

Many of the Kwakiutl are seen sitting on the ground, wrapped in HBC blankets, a primary object of trade.

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