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As the girls approached the vehicle, the oldest of the two could be heard yelling: 'We looked like idiots!' Rodney Herbert's (right pictured with his wife) April Fools prank video having his two daughters go into an Auto Zone in Chesterfield, Michigan to look for 'blinker fluid' and 'a bucket of steam' has gone viral having over 40 million views With Herbert barely able to keep his composure, the two sisters recount the moment they realized that the fictional items their father had told them to get were made up.'All of them were laughing at us,' said the oldest as she put on her seat belt 'He said "If your blinker is not working you can try the bulb? Punishments in these cases ranged from three-day suspensions to the “termination” of one employee. spy Perhaps unsurprisingly for an espionage agency, CSE also dealt with employees snooping around where they shouldn’t be — namely, the private personnel files of their colleagues.Several incidents in the documents detail CSE employees accessing corporate records about their colleagues, including security screening documents.But investigators did worry the analyst may have left behind “a trail potentially leading back to CSE,” and “the suspicious activities could be uncovered by outsiders and this would have been extremely problematic for CSE in respect to its mandate.” “CSE’s own existence is based on lawfulness and the understanding of the restrictions and limitations imposed on the organization,” the report reads.“This misconduct is, with respect to the environment we are in, more serious than parking fraud, light pornography, insubordination or even some cases of harassment.” For his part, the analyst said his actions were motivated by curiosity rather than malice.The agency told the Star the incident did not involve CSE’s powerful cyber espionage capabilities, but the employee was still suspended without pay.“The employee in question did not follow the appropriate approval process for this kind of research and engaged in activities which exceeded the scope of what CSE considered acceptable,” wrote Christopher Williams, an agency spokesperson, in an emailed statement.“These activities did not involve any of CSE’s classified technology or capabilities, nor were they put at risk.” Williams said the case was not referred to external investigators.In one 2015 case, an employee searched classified personnel records on herself and five colleagues.Three had consented to the search, while two had no knowledge of her actions.

Unauthorized access The CSE analyst involved in the 2014 incident gave an ominous warning to labour relations investigators.The Communications Security Establishment in Ottawa is the agency responsible for electronic espionage and defending government networks from attack or infiltration.Labour relations documents obtained by the Star give context to the relatively few formal reprimands issued by CSE.Obviously everyone has their thoughts about Cam and her moving slowly.“We’ve been getting on, so I thought it’d be quite funny to see their reaction if we went in there and stirred the pot a little bit and said we went all the way.”Thurlow jokes that her “poor skills” in both acting and lying could make her the “weak link” in the prank, but the Islanders seem suitably shocked and excited when they hear the fake news.There will be even more surprises in store as the team are given the Sausage Fest challenge, which will see them test their communication skills in a line-up of meat-based tasks.

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