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And so started a long relationship through a computer screen. Apart from her excellent fantasy role plays, she liked to dribble saliva down herself, play with her big tits and shake her out of proportion bubble butt completely independently of the rest of her body (like many Latina women seem to be able to do). Making me keep the chat going while my wife walked in so that she could judge my wife.

I kept repeating my silent request of one more time. She hiked up her dress and exposed her big ass in a tight thong. Sensing my orgasm was over and I had come back to my sense, Lovette stood up and wipes her face with a paper towel.

She wiggled it in the air and in my direction while still showing a playful smile.

For me though, we had crossed the boundaries of innocent fun.

The playful expression had completely dropped off my face as I took in the scope of what was happening.

Suddenly my heart started thumping so loudly that it was audible to me.

I immediately reached down my pants and grabbed my dick.

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For example, "If your wife came in the room while we were making love, I would keep going", "If I come to stay at your house as a home stay, I would come into your room and fuck you while your wife is sleeping next to you. He never even dared thinking those thoughts before. I breathed a sigh of relief when she showed up in a long dress that covered her curves somewhat. After several weeks of staying with us and paying board, I started to relax around her more and more as we took on roles pretending that we only knew each other from my job. I was confused, but knew whatever was happening, she was obviously naked.

She smirked at me while hiking her dress up to oblige as if to say "ok, just one last time".

That jelly swayed from side to side then up and down.

She giggled at the stunned look on my face and dropped her dress back down before pointing her finger at me in a mocked authoritative way that seemed to say "you bit off more than you could chew! She turned to face my wife again while I regained my composure. Letting a bit of time pass, I decided I needed to see that ass again.

I took several deep breaths and waited for my bright red face to regain its colour. With a half smile half smirk I repeated my "one more time gesture".

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